For long, GROHE has been the leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. Maintaining this leadership position requires not only a constant advancement of products’ features and technologies, but also and most importantly the personal and professional development of the brand’s people. For this reason, GROHE launched its new training and service center in Saudi Arabia, a source of expert knowledge on the latest technologies and products in the sanitary systems, fully dedicated to providing the best training solutions and after sales services for its employees and customers.
The new center is located in Jeddah with around 160 square-meters of floor space, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and complemented with top-notch logistics operations to serve GROHE customers’ and partners’ needs even better. From theoretical training with live maintenance and repair demonstration to technical and hands-on experience, as well as spare parts sale and warranty and non-warranty service, GROHE has developed a fully functional environment where customers, installers, plumbers, and service providers, can benefit from the global brand’s extensive expertise.
“At GROHE, we work towards the same purpose: Making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere,” said Fawzi Dernaika, Leader, KSA MENA, LIXIL EMENA. “With our newly launched center, we are moving one step ahead to achieve this purpose and a life-long learning journey. A branch fully dedicated to providing you with best products solutions, specifically tailored to our customers’ personal needs. When it comes to the training sessions, we focus on product, people, and infrastructure to ensure an integrated approach that benefits both our service providers and customers” added Dernaika.
“We are thrilled about the addition of the new center in the Kingdom. Complementing production with after sales operations and trainings, we are equipped for the future,” said Kristine Skauge, Leader, Marketing MENA, LIXIL EMENA. “We strive for an excellence that goes way beyond the surface of our products. In fact, from design to production and customer service we aim for nothing less than perfection at every stage.” Skauge noted.
As a pioneer in the sanitary industry, GROHE’s continuous commitment to bringing new solutions to consumers is an indication of the company’s efforts to become a leader of change and set real milestones for future living concepts and improve sanitation for millions around the world.