Zagzoog for home appliances opened the first Kitchen Aid showroom in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the best brand of small appliances in the United States of America since 1919.

Engineer Yasser Al-Zagzoog explained:” that the company was keen to bring this ancient American brand to the Saudi market through its agent, the Zagzoog Company for Home Appliances. This was done after a careful study that indicated the ability of this brand to compete and obtain a share commensurate with its ancient history”.

Engineer Yasser Al-Zagzoog added: ”that the inauguration of the KitchenAid showroom is the first of a series of KitchenAid showrooms that will be opened in the Kingdom. The aim is based on a well-studied strategic plan to expand the marketing of KitchenAid products, as the showroom includes a series of new products characterized by the best performance and modern design of the KitchenAid brand in a wide variety of colors to meet the needs of every consumer”.

Engineer Yasser Al-Zagzoog indicated: “that Zagzoog for Home Appliances Company has a great experience in marketing and selling home appliances for more than 60 years since its foundation in 1959 AD by Sheikh Suleiman Saeed Zagzoog (may God have mercy on him)”.

The company also has 20 branches, more than 300 distributors, more than 150 showrooms, and 20 customer sevice centers, and the company’s products are displayed in more than 1,000 showroom in various regions of the Kingdom. The company also markets its products through its website, developed in 2017, which provides the best services for all customers, from supplying, installing, and after-sales service to maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Zagzoog for Home Appliances Company is the agent and distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for many major brands.